modern contemporary home

spring 2022

Presenting an exceptional modern residence nestled in the heart of Bozeman, Montana, where contemporary sophistication harmoniously intertwines with the epitome of luxury living. This exquisite property exemplifies the flawless fusion of sleek design and unparalleled comfort, crafting a dwelling that embodies serenity while making an unequivocal statement of refined taste.

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Landscape ArchitectOwner
Interior Designenvi interior design

About The Project

Sourcing local Materials


Within the residence, meticulous attention to detail is showcased through the carefully curated wood accents that grace the ceilings and rafters, infusing the space with a sense of natural warmth and timeless allure. Refined elements such as recessed trim, fluent indoor to outdoor staircases, and thoughtfully crafted multi-material accent walls further enhance the seamless integration of contemporary design elements with organic materials, establishing an atmosphere of impeccable harmony that resonates with both the discerning tastes of modern aesthetics and the captivating surroundings of the esteemed neighborhood landscape.